The 12-Week Filmmaking Apprenticeship Program

The 12-Week Filmmaking Apprenticeship Program is planned in tandem and as one of the benchmarks to be achieved in an independent film making ecosystem development project that has been carried out since 2017 and it is the 4th phase in the Rogue & Rebel Project.

It is a special program to nurture first-time filmmakers to learn filmmaking techniques in a unique filmmaking workshop for 12 weeks.

50 local youths will be given the opportunity to be part of a filmmaking project and 5 of them will be selected and scripted for them to publish, write, direct, record, edit and screen during the festival.

One of them will be awarded the Rogue & Rebel Award on the night of Neo-South Indie Film Festival Awards.

This is an annual program under Neo-South Independent Film Festival Apprenticeship & Academy Program.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to become the premier developer of an independent filmmaking ecosystem for new talents and independent filmmakers in the southern region of Peninsular Malaysia. Our mission is to provide and develop a new filmmaking ecosystem from the apprenticeship program of new talents and indie filmmakers.  This program is expected to inspire, motivate, and create opportunities for new talents based on their skills and creativity. Also, as a catalyst for a new economy in the creative industry sector.

In this 12-Week Filmmaking Apprenticeship Program, each film school student writes, shoots, directs, and edits his or her own films and crews during the first 4 weeks of the program. The student will learn specific filmmaking techniques in class and shoot them.

Designed for people who wish to study the craft of filmmaking in an intensive environment, the 12- Week Filmmaking Apprenticeship Program challenges students to produce feature films over a period of two months after learning related theories in classes and complete their film project during the first 4 weeks.

For students with little or no filmmaking experience, the 12-Week Filmmaking Apprenticeship Program offers the best of all worlds: focused learning, hands-on film productions, and the opportunity to make a fully-realized final film which lead to their first feature film.

This program is also available online for international and local students. However, online classes are not eligible for Rogue & Rebel Awards.


The program is divided between hands-on classes and the production workshop by each student. Hands-on classes on smartphone videography or digital camera, and lighting are given before students shoot their film project. The production workshop consists of a series of film assignments that must be completed during the first 4 weeks of the program. Students use their own Smartphones, DSLR or DSLM cameras, LED lighting, and digital editing systems to create their individual film projects. Following production and post-production of each film project, students screen their work in class and engage in critiques and discussion sessions.

Coming into the second month to the third month of the program each student is put into a group and will be given a full-length feature film script. They have to produce, re-write, direct, and edit a final film of up to 80 minutes’ length. Students will have a pre-production period to cast, scout locations, plan their final films and meet with instructors for consultation.

At the end of the course, the final films are celebrated in a screening open to cast, crew, friends, and families. Students who successfully complete the workshop will receive a Neo-South Independent Film Festival Apprenticeship & Academy certificates and leave the program with a digital master copy of all their projects. Their films are automatically eligible for the Rogue & Rebel Awards.

Production Crew

Students direct their own projects with ten crews who are their own group members. The group  members will rotate their production positions until each member gets their turn to direct. This helps each student gain a strong familiarity with every aspect of film production as they rotate from director, to director of photography, to assistant camera, to gaffer/grip.