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Sam Fuller

Read about our historical journey in making and developing the southern independent filmmaking ecosystem since 2017.

We present to you Neo-South Independent Film Festival (Neo-South) formerly known as Neo-Joho Independent Film Festival. We have expanded to a bigger empire and we are conquering the South of Malaysia.

Neo-South Independent Film Festival (Neo-South) is an international film festival to showcase innovative independent film makers and artists from around the world.

The 2nd year of the festival will be on 16 October 2021 and 17 October 2021, Neo-South Independent Film Festival (Neo-South) welcomes the best independent filmmakers from around the world!

We want to showcase stories of niche genres, styles, and from different countries!

We are looking for stories that capture the imagination, talent, and diversity of independent filmmakers, which will leave audiences in awe.

A panel of international judges will be selecting the best films, to create a unique and exciting program for two nights of screening. Filmmakers will get a chance to win and have their films screened.

Neo-South Independent Film Festival (Neo-South) is organized by Rogue & Rebel Studio, a local indie production company run by a collective of independent filmmakers, producers and marketing professionals.

Our mission is to create a collective of films that support independent filmmakers in a very competitive and often unfair industry. We aim to provide an ecosystem for emerging talents and independent filmmakers, to inspire, motivate and award new talents based entirely on their skill set and passion.

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