Month of independent

The month of Independent filmmakers has now begun.

Tony Pietra Visionaries Lab Session 1

An initiative in mobilizing an independent program for independent filmmakers to share knowledge and experience has now begun with a Storytelling Structure and Archetype Lab sharing session facilitated by Rozinorazali and a Directing Craft sharing session by a young director Tony Pietra Arjuna who shared his filmmaking experience for his debut indie film entitled ‘Shadowplay’.

Tony Pietra Visionaries Lab Session 2

The two filmmaking lab sessions were the opening to several more lab sessions curated by the Neo-South Apprenticeship and Academy team in shaping and building an ecosystem and a network of independent filmmakers in Malaysia.

Rozinorazali Storytelling Lab Session 1

The initiative, which commenced in 2017, started with an independent film production currently touring several film festival circuits and has managed to gather local and international independent filmmakers.

Rozinorazali Storytelling Lab Session 2

With a meticulous planning, Neo-South is confident that this built ecosystem can form a way of working with standard operating procedures that can be practiced by all filmmakers and in turn will lead the economic growth development in the creative industry.

With all due respect, allow us to congratulate all those who have been with us in ensuring the success of this initiative, but our journey and planning are still a long way to go.

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