We want to showcase stories of niche genres which is Neo-noir!

Festival Announcement

Call For Entry 2022

The 2nd NSIFF is closed for entry. Please contact us to get a waived code for the final submission.

The 3rd kicks off its Call For Entry on the 1st January 2022! Seeking out all film lovers, filmmakers, production & distribution houses, film and cultural institutions to participate in the festival.

Apprenticeship & Academy

12 Week Filmmaking Apprenticeship Program

Open to all who are interested in learning and making the first film in a comprehensive and practical filmmaking program. The first works of filmmaking will continue to be competed in a prestigious indie film festival and further start your career as a filmmaker.

Kotak Gelap 'Noir Cinema Nights' 2021

NSIFF will host its first edition of Kotak Gelap, ‘Noir Cinema Nights’ in October, in-conjunction with the film festival where audiences can enjoy free online film screenings that spotlight the whimsical and magical side of selected asian film noir movies by our film curators that also will be continued with a sembang santai of the film screen conducted by Sekolah Filem panel.

Check out the list of movies curated!

Latest News

Happenings in the Neo-South film community and updates

post festival

Live! Session with Filmuda Award Winner

NSIFF Festival Producer, Pn. Lizamurni Lokman and Director Asparuh Franguv share the process of making ‘A Shadow Confined’, a loosely adaptation of ‘Crime & Punishment’ novel book by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Month of Independent

The month of freelance filmmakers has now begun. An initiative in mobilizing an independent program for independent filmmakers to share knowledge and experience….

Independence Art Solidarity

with the collaboration with Sekolah Film, Freedom Film Network, Filmuda & Malaysian Animation Society, we curated grindhouse feature selection, local animation and short film. We also curated several talks, about the industry with partner in conjunction of Malaysia Independence Day.

Rebel Filmmaker's Visionaries Lab

6 Days to go before registration closed.
In conjunction with our festival, our apprenticeship and academy program proudly presents Rebel Filmmaker’s Visionaries Lab…

Rogue Writer's Storytelling Lab

Officially closed registration.
Two sessions full house with KIV seats. We’ll be contacting all participants soon.

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Rogue film business for rebel filmmaker

1st festival highlights

"A well-organized and curated festival with a promising future."
Asparuh Franguv
Filmuda Award Winner
"Suatu usaha hebat. Bagus sangat"
Dr. Asiah Binti Sarji
Professor at Universiti Utara Malaysia